(to change or alter (so as to fit a different situation etc): She always adapted easily to new circumstances; He has adapted the play for television.) adaptarse (a)
- adaptable
- adaptability
- adaptor

adapt vb adaptar
transitive verb
1 adaptar
intransitive verb
1 adaptarse
adapt [ə'dæpt] vt
: adaptar, ajustar
adapt vi
: adaptarse
adaptar v.
adaptarse v.
adecuar v.
ajustar v.
amoldar v.
refundir v.
transitive verb adaptar

to adapt oneself — adaptarse, amoldarse

vi adaptarse

to adapt to something/-ing — adaptarse a algo/+ inf

1. VT
1) [+ machine] ajustar, adaptar; [+ building] remodelar

it is perfectly adapted to its environment — está adaptado perfectamente a su ambiente

to adapt o.s. to sth — adaptarse a algo, ajustarse a algo

2) [+ text] adaptar

adapted from the Spanish — adaptado del español

adapted for the screen — adaptado para el cine or la pantalla

his novel was adapted for television — su novela fue adaptada para la televisión

a novel adapted by H. Campbell — una novela en versión de H. Campbell

VI adaptarse
* * *
transitive verb adaptar

to adapt oneself — adaptarse, amoldarse

vi adaptarse

to adapt to something/-ing — adaptarse a algo/+ inf

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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